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Bio-methane production boosts the growth of anaerobic digestion in Europe

The first of eight Gas-to-Grid (G2G) projects in France built by MT-Energie, a leading European provider of anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas upgrading systems, has started its injection of purified bio methane into the French…

Behind the eight G2G projects in France are a group of farmers from the Champagne region, south of Paris, who decided to become energy entrepreneurs last year. Every single triple-tank facility is designed for a gas treatment...

Black Dog brings MT-Energie’s anaerobic digestion technology to the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight, off the south coast of Great Britain, is well known as an attractive destination for both tourists and music lovers. The island is also home to a growing number of renewable energy assets, with an anaerobic…

MT-Energie UK, one of the leading providers of AD plants and gas upgrading systems in the UK, has just signed a contract to deliver this project. The client, Black Dog Biogas Ltd funded by Sustainable Technology Investors EIS...

MT-Energie biogas plant at Plusterwine House fuelled by KWS energy crops

MT-Energie UK, exhibitor at the Cereals event on the 11th &12th June, is delighted to announce the completed construction of the anaerobic digestion (AD) plant for the Hunt Family Farm, in Gloucestershire.

The 500kWe facility processes KWS’ high-yield energy crops, poultry manure and cattle slurry for the production of clean green electricity. MT-Energie UK, one of the leading providers of AD plants and gas upgrading systems, with...

Barfoots and MT-Energie UK, renewed partnership directing waste food to AD

MT-Energie a leading manufacturer of biogas and gas upgrading plants, has recently completed biological and mechanical commissioning of a second AD project for Barfoot Energy Projects Ltd, part of UK fresh vegetable farming and...

From Grass to Graphene, AD Plant providing power to produce chemicals

Hallwick Energy Ltd, renewable energy plant developer, has started construction on a 1MW anaerobic digester (AD) in Consett, North East England, with funding provided by Ingenious Clean Energy investee company, Generation X...

Five new contracts for MT-Energie

The start of spring could not have been better for MT-Energie: in the past week the biogas specialists from Zeven North Germany has been charged with the construction of four biogas plants and a gas upgrading plant. The...

MT-Energie UK builds First Gas To Grid AD plant in Scotland

MT-Energie UK has just been appointed as Main Contractor by Keithick Biogas Limited, Perthshire, for the construction of the first Gas to Grid Anaerobic Digestion Plant in Scotland. MT-Energie welcomes the collaboration with...

Great plans and AD plants for MT-Energie in 2014

The fast pace growth of MT-Energie UK in the British anaerobic digestion and biogas market requires more space for its expansion phase

As an international leader in the design and build of anaerobic digestion (AD) Plants, and with over 600 Plants built across the Globe, the UK subsidiary is significantly widening its presence in the UK: the British branch,...

MT-Energie Service Team welcomes its 1000th customer

For over 13 years MT-Energie have been building high standard Anaerobic Digestion facilities in Germany and across the Globe. Since the beginning, the professional service offered by MT-Energie to its customers has been one of...

Award for MT-Energie-AD Plant in England

UK AD & Biogas Industry Award 2013 to Barfoots of Botley +++ Awarded plant concept and techology +++ More AD plants planned in Hampshire

In the framework of a national competition, the British Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association (ADBA) evaluated AD Plants with regard to innovation and performance. The jury chose the most convincing projects in twelve...
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